• Air-Conditioning

    Our range of portable air-conditioners are ready at a moments notice, for fast delivery and full installation. If you need to supply cool air to prevent system failure due to overheating of your equipment we have the right gear for you. Hire from 1 day to as long as required. Rates vary - the longer the term the better the rate.

  • Spot coolers are designed to provide quick, temporary air conditioning when needed. Since these units are easily portable and designed to enable fast set up, they are ideal for temporary event requirements or emergency situations when an air conditioning unit has stopped operating.
  • Digital temperature control at your finger tips (a standard in all rooms). Our service for our mobile coolroom hire customers is the best, bar none. Each mobile coolroom hire includes: great service, extension leads, steps, walk in access, shelving, day rates or weekend rates and best of all –Our experience in the refrigeration industry.
  • AC Install Hire offers our top of the line misting fans as ideal cooling for outdoor events and venues. With durable portability and low energy requirements, misting fans are ideal for keeping cool in the hot sun.
  • AC Install offers a wide array of gas powered portable heaters through Jet Fire, a leading name in the heating equipment industry. Each is compact unit is designed to provide a safe, portable heat source.