• Proper Temperature for a Server Room

  • What is the proper temperature for an IT server room? This may seem like a question that requires a single word answer, but cooling and technology experts agree that there is some grey area when it comes to server room temperature.

    Part of the uncertainty is varying recommendations by manufacturers. Some will insist on an extremely cool temperature, while others guarantee their equipment at temperatures higher than a room is normally kept. Before taking anyone else’s suggestion, check the advised heat limits on the equipment that you are actually using.

    In general, most equipment will stay comfortably cool and operating well at 18 degrees Celsius. Given that Australia is an admittedly hot climate, this may not always be easy to achieve. There are several steps you can take to keep your server equipment in top running order and avoid overheating.

    Let it breathe.

    Allowing for space around each individual component in your server room is just as important as keeping the room cool. If a server is trapped between others and cool air cannot reach it, it will overheat regardless of the overall room temperature.

    Monitor room temperature.

    You should have a system in place to notify the proper individuals if the temperature in your server room begins to increase. The time that it takes for someone to notice temperature increases could mean the difference in thousands of dollars of damage. While your AC is being serviced, bring in portable units to maintain temperature.

    Don’t forget about ventilation.

    Heat can build up within computer equipment if dust and particles are prevalent in the air. Indoor air pollution is a risk to expensive equipment because particles tend to gather inside as air is blown in for cooling purposes. Keep the air and equipment as clean as possible with proper ventilation.